Content Repackaging: The simple skill of top B2B SaaS marketers

When clients invest thousands of dollars in a white paper or eBook, they expect significant return. Unlocking this return is equal parts content writing, promotion, and repackaging. Most marketers overlook this last phase. Or, they confuse repackaging with simple repurposing. Sure, you need the basics dialed. Promotion and distribution through email, social, and paid ads. […]

How To Write A B2B White Paper Lead That Hooks Readers

writing a white paper

Easy tips to write better B2B content leads Most B2B white paper intros are mashups of summary sentences–boring context setting for the discussion to come. This type of lead snuffs out a prospect’s eagerness. For the B2B SaaS companies I write for, building credibility is one of the top two reasons for publishing white papers […]

How VCs Can Find Their First Content Marketing Idea

Finding A Marketing Idea

One big challenge for venture capital and private equity investors who want to publish is deciding what to share. They are stumped by either a) the sheer number of swirling ideas, or b) self doubt. The latter surfaces a nasty little lie that says this isn’t a good idea, you’re not an expert, and no […]

Use Concision to Write Smarter and Better, Now

Clear writing always matters. But in the middle of crisis, it really matters. Inboxes are stuffed with virus related updates, well-wishes, and discount offerings. Somehow, though, managers need to reassure teams, companies need to connect with customers, and governments need to offer guidance. Clarity means getting your meaning across with precision and accuracy. Think about […]

Why Small and Mid-Sized VCs Should Write Content

There are two reasons for venture capital content marketing. Most firms focus on the first one. But it’s the second that really matters. And while the reasons are similar, each lead to distinctly flavored content. This is an advantage in deal-making–and one that small, regional or mid-sized firms, in particular, should keep in mind. Reason […]

How To Define Your White Paper Audience

A white paper that isn’t irrelevant to a large part of your industry is too general. This is a scary idea to marketers. Especially those (read: everyone) that is trying to get the most reach for their content spend. Instead, the paper should be mega relevant to a narrow audience. These readers will need the […]

Marketing a B2B white paper for more leads

White paper writer

Without sufficient promotion, a great white paper can’t generate leads. In order to get the paper in front of as many (relevant) eyeballs as possible, consider the following marketing ideas.   Target existing list. Past clients and warm prospects should always receive an update when a substantial piece of content is published. These individuals are […]

How to design a White Paper


A well designed white paper invites easy reading and comprehension with an appealing layout and crisp graphics and fonts. It draws readers in visually; then, the copy turns them into prospects or buyers.  But when producing white papers, companies make one of two errors. They either:   Ignore design and publish a dry, academic-looking paper […]

How to format and outline a White Paper

format a white paper

Creating a white paper outline is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve a white paper project outcome. An outline forces the writer to think critically about a draft – and what is ultimately published. Because of the length and complexity of white papers, many are prey to rambling content that strays […]

Why You Should Hire A White Paper Writer

Why Hire A White Paper Writer

One Google search for “white paper writer” produces 895 million results. Everything from how-to guides and templates, to professional (and not-so-professional) writers advertising their services, show up. For companies considering white papers in their marketing, the path from idea to publishing can be overwhelming. This article gives an overview of key ideas to move you […]