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CW Communications, a business and technology content writing company, founded and led by Charlie Waldburger has published an article on “Why You Should Hire A White Paper Writer.” The paper, authored by Mr. Waldburger, is the byproduct of a broader communications effort to help startup founders, technology marketers and other professionals understand what a white paper is and the role this content type plays in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing. 

The article summarizes white paper project planning best practices, what to ask when hiring a freelance white paper copywriter and offers a checklist of critical to-dos to address before starting a new white paper project.

Reflecting on the need for marketing leaders – particularly in the SaaS and technology sectors – to better understand white papers and incorporate them on their content roadmap, Waldburger shared, “Few pieces of content are more compelling to prospects than a lively, research-rich, white paper. There are buyers out there with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in budget to spend that are looking for unbiased, non-promotional, educational sources. They want to learn before they get on the phone with a salesperson. White papers are the perfect medium to satisfy prospects’ need and build industry credibility with them.”

For the project, the company gathered thinking and research takeaways from dozens of white paper and content projects across a range of technology domains, including, SaaS, AI, and gaming.

“White papers don’t have to be dry, technical, documents. Nor do they have to be sales pieces disguised as research content. Every business is positioned to offer insight into a problem plaguing its market. Find that problem, add value to the discussion in the form of a white paper and prospects will naturally see you as a viable option to help them,” Waldburger noted. 

The white paper article can be found at: https://www.charliew.co/why-you-should-hire-a-white-paper-writer/   


About Charlie Waldburger

Charlie Waldburger is an executive ghostwriter, writer, and communications partner for a variety of startups, venture capitalists, founders and other technology companies through his company, CW Communications. He has crafted white papers, case studies, and articles for Fortune 500 companies and scrappy, innovative upstarts. His writing is backed by more than a decade of work in corporate finance, management consulting and software. He started his career at JPMorgan-Chase and has worked with notable companies including Microsoft and Tableau Software. Meet him at www.charliew.co.