VC & PE Content

Venture capital and private equity investors know they should market. But most struggle to turn their thoughts and experiences into interesting, useful content. Those that do are often inconsistent or purposeless; they don’t have a plan for what to share, to whom, and why. 

Other investors have effective content engines. They influence founders, prospective LPs and other ecosystem partners, and they boost firm credibility. Their specific expertise shines. Their internal thesis and differentiators are obvious. As a result, they do more of the deals they want.

The difference? They establish and own a core message. They use content marketing to become known for something specific–a clear identity. Because investors with a generic message have no message at all.

Ready to establish your content marketing strategy, draft content, or improve and repurpose existing copy? Check out a range of VC and PE focused offerings–from website copy audits, to full content strategy develop and creation–below.

Website Audit

  • Understand the key sections every investor website should have
  • Review existing site copy, structure, and messaging
  • Receive actionable copy and content improvement ideas to boost audience engagement
Target Outcomes: Improve firm and partner credibility with purposeful website structure and messaging. Site reinforces partners as thought-leaders. Important site elements are clear, accessible and engaging. Content appeals to a specific audience persona.
Starts at $3,000

Brand Basics:
Simple Story Telling for Investors

  • Refine and refresh your core message
  • Establish a clear, repeatable value proposition
  • Develop a content marketing checklist
Target Outcomes: Establish firm differentiation and create a plan for impressing this to founders, LPs, or your target audience. Entire team “owns” the firm story and can weave it into marketing and publishing. Ideas for content marketing are generated.
Starts at $5,500

Brand Builder:
Comprehensive Content Strategy

Proven process to understand your audience, define a unique brand story, establish credibility, assess competitive landscape, and publish engaging content.

Scale your firm’s brand with purpose driven content and a differentiated story. We will elevate your market position and generate better deal flow by emphasizing what makes you different, highlighting your expertise, and publishing useful insights and perspectives – consistently and professionally.

Rapidly generate content months worth of content and position your partners as industry influencers with a comprehensive content strategy. Connect your marketing to the bigger story behind your team, work, and expertise. Publish copy with clarity and consistency–without bogging down busy partners–and create a roadmap for publishing more, in less time.

Is this for you?

  • Does your website, firm pitch or story lack cohesion?
  • Do you struggle to differentiate yourself with clarity and confidence?
  • Do you know exactly who your audience is?
  • Do founders know why you’re different/better and what you can do that other investors can’t?
  • Do you publish content regularly?
  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Does your team lack the bandwidth to create consistent content?
  • Is research and writing cumbersome?
  • Do you struggle with topics and ideas – but know that you have expertise and insight worth sharing?

What’s included -

  • Brand Voice Direction - deep dive questionnaires and interviews to define brand identity, firm differentiators, and mission and values – essentially, what makes you, you.
  • Voice of Audience Research– interviews with 3-5 individuals within your target audience (founders, partners, prospective LPs, etc) to establish an audience profile. Promote, write, and publish with this persona in mind.
  • Competitive Review – analyze competitor websites and marketing content. Identify gaps, and WTDW (what-they-do-well). Plan and position messaging accordingly.
  • Content Priorities and Calendar – Develop a content guide (including channel and topic recommendations) that defines the next six months of publishing. Discuss industry themes, topics, and specific expertise(s) that are relevant for content publishing.
  • Message Mining – review and scrub of past content (emails, speaking engagements, published content, newsletters, etc) to pull-forward, polish, and repurpose your perspective – and fast-track content creation.
  • Content Creation – interview, research, and draft specific content pieces (white papers, guides, eBooks, articles, etc). Number of pieces TBD.
  • Other Services*
  • Additional content creation – ongoing or one-off content development based on the above roadmap
  • Elevator pitch development
  • Website copy and tagline improvements
  • *Depending on project scope
Starting at: $15,500