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Let’s get this out of the way: I am nowhere near the cheapest writer. But I am one of the few writers with the chops to work with the C-suite, who drives projects to completion, who understands tech, finance, and emerging businesses and can translate this into convincing copy. This helps clients maximize their budgets and publish content they’re proud of.

I often tell prospects, “If you want a price-per-word writer that dabbles with wine blogs on the weekend and tries their hand at AI or private equity on Monday, I’m not your guy.”
Why do I post rates publicly? Because transparency builds trust. Plus, misalignment on rates wastes both of our time. Of course, the rates below are target ranges to help you budget. Every project differs in scope, complexity and research intensity. Rates are impacted by these, as well as my availability.

White Papers

What's a white paper?

An effective white paper is equal parts useful, practical and educational content used to generate leads, nurture prospects and build mindshare. The best ones are tailor-made for a target audience at a specific place in the sales funnel. White papers, particularly for technology and software companies, are opportunities for in-depth study on a specific business or technical problem while also framing a solution. The worst white papers are thinly veiled sales pitches. But effective ones bring authoritative evidence and logical arguments to back up a company’s position. They thread helpful takeaways through complex issues. Through this, readers become organically aware of how a vendor’s solution fits into their world.
White papers are a marketer’s most versatile tool; they can be parsed into blogs, teased on social media, re-purposed into webinars or sales decks and, of course, shared in their longest form.

What does a white paper cost?

The white paper experience generally includes:
  • Kick-off meeting to discuss business goals, audience targeting, keywords and topic/theme
  • Early-stage outline (our ‘true north’ guiding document to ensure alignment)
  • Primary research (internal interview(s) and company content)
  • Secondary research
  • Draft of an 8-12 page, content only, paper
  • 1-2 rounds of revisions
  • Design or other associated work (e.g., turning white paper into blog posts or sales one-pagers) is quoted separately
Budget range: $6,000 – $7,500
Note: for blockchain companies pursuing ICOs, STOs or another fundraising approach, rates and structure differ. Please contact me directly for a quote.

Case Studies

What's a case study?

Case studies capture your customers’ experiences and results. As social proof remains an important driver for buyers, it’s critical for companies to show and share the impact of doing business together. The best case studies “connect the dots” for prospects; your sales team won’t need to agitate the problem and position you as a worthwhile solution. Prospects can see themselves – and their problems – inside your case study stories. For tech, financial services or management consulting clients, a typical case study is two to four well-designed pages. I bring journalism-quality writing and interviewing skills to create engaging, effective customer stories.

What does a case study cost?

The case study experience generally includes:
  • Kick-off meeting to discuss goals, audience targeting and service highlights
  • Interview question prep and interviewing (either with you, or your client)
  • Interview recording and transcription for quality assurance
  • Draft of narrative-style case study
  • 1-2 rounds of revisions
  • Design or other associated work is quoted separately

Budget range: $1,800 – $2,500


Blogs, Articles & Other

Misc. content types

Each of the below represent common content needs from interested prospects. As noted, these can vary based on complexity, timing and scope of research. ​
  • Blogs and articles (~800 to 1,200 words) – $850 – $1,000
  • Press Releases – $450-$600
  • Startup or fundraising Pitch Deck (with modern design) – begins at $2,500
  • Content Polishing (re-write or improve existing copy) – Contact me
Other content ideas? Let’s talk.