How to Write your Best Ever Elevator Pitch – in 60 seconds.


Need to write an elevator pitch–maybe for venture capital funding or to land your first deal? Check out this simple framework:


Every idea worth sharing is bigger than the window of time you have to share it. To unlock that extended attention, you need to earn it. Think: startup pitch, job interview, partnership proposal.

A useful elevator pitch is not only a condensed story. It relies on actual psychology (like the Zeigarnik Effect) to hook a listener. Fortunately, you don’t have to be charismatic, magnetic, or even that articulate to craft a good one. 

You don’t even need to memorize a few hundred word script.

Instead, just answer these. Then link the three parts together like building blocks.

 Try this:

  1. Do you know: Hook the reader with a captivating fact or stat. Use intrigue to capture the listener’s attention. 
  1. What I/We do: Show how your idea addresses or provides a solution to the hook
  2. So that: Cast a vision for resolution via your business ask, proposal, suggestion, etc.

Here’s a simple, color-coded example:

  • Did you know… 
  • What we do…
  • So that…

Did you know that investment in off-grid solar energy has declined over the last five years in Africa? At Acme Corp, we developed a software that combines geospatial data, consumer repayment data, and AI-modeling to standardize credit risk. This lets global investors better assess repayment risks and unlocks sidelined capital for companies working towards energy access in Africa.